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Luxurious Hindu Wedding Cards
Luxurious Hindu Wedding Cards

Hindu Wedding Cards Represent The Significance Of A Hindu Culture

If you want to witness a place that is a trademark of religious customs and traditions, then you need to head over to a Hindu wedding. It is actually a long ceremony that happens for 3 to 5 days. Every function emphasizing on the religious spirits takes you through a complete journey of the Hindu culture!

luxurious Hindu wedding cards

Not alone the weddings, even their wedding cards are typically a traditional one with religious symbols and motifs. These symbols are considered auspicious and hence they are mandatorily added in most of the luxurious Hindu wedding cards.

Today there are designers who design these cards in an artistic way. Keeping in mind the old tradition and understanding the mindset of the present day youngsters, these cards are designed. There are astounding designs that look like an amalgam of tradition and fashion. These are loved by many and people opt for such symbols while making their wedding cards.

Colorful symbols make Hindu wedding card Glorious

Including a golden color girl having a lamp in hand on either side of the card is a good way to begin designing your card. The Hindu wedding cards are a two sided invitation and there are art works in both the pages. The front page can contain motifs and in the inside, they include beautiful patterns like beaded borders, floral borders and many more.

Sometimes there are also cards with the images of Lord Ganesa. In fact, this is the current trend. The front page will have a huge Ganesh image which can also be made of modern art. Then there are the symbol of OM. This represent the sanctity and peace and hence an ideal inclusion in any wedding card.

For more stylish pattern, you can include images like jaimala - The exchange of garlands between the bride and groom is done as a picture or doli – image of the bride carried in a carriage like that of a princess!